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Be ENRICHED for innovation in the fintech world.


Be Enriched with new insights and innovations that will get you ready for the fintech world We are excited to ignite new changes in your organisation.



She was with the Ministry of Education, Singapore as a Senior Curriculum Specialist and was a faculty member at the National Institute of Education Singapore, which is an institute of the Nanyang Technological University. Advocating diversity in teaching and learning at the sole teacher training institute, Dr. Koh is also the champion of financial literacy in Singapore and was involved in spearheading financial and business education in Singapore schools.

Using engaging pedagogies, technology and a model that has a great multiplier effect, she has positioned NIE at the forefront of the University’s work in seamless learning environment. She was the Chair of the Center of Financial Literacy at NIE, NTU and also the founding President of the Association of Commerce Educators (ACES). She was Chair of the Education Advisory Board of MDIS College and was appointed a faculty associate at A*STAR as well as a consultant to various organizations like UNESCO, NHG, Pearson, MYOB, NETS, and Citi for education programmes.


Besides leading FTA, she is also Director of the Center of Research and Innovation at NTUitive. She is also Advisor to the NTU Investment Interactive Club (NTU-IIC) and serves as a Mentor at Temasek LaunchPad.

Fintech is one of the fastest growing sectors of the modern economy, not just in Singapore but globally. It is recognised as a major factor in the fourth industrial revolution and will change the way we transact with one another wzithout the need for a central processing agent like banks.

The education sector is a big market and ready for transformation or disruption. Global statistics estimates the education market to be easily among the trillion dollar mark. Yet, education technology or Edtech has been overshadowed by Fintech. However, just as digitalisation has transformed the financial services sector, it is inevitable that the same will manifest around education. The increasing application of internet and mobile delivery systems, data analytics, AI including fintech technologies like cryptography and blockchain will radically transform the education landscape.

Developing a competitive edge while industries are being disintermediated and jobs automated, will be a challenge if we do not keep up with the times. In education, as we prepare our students to be future ready, educators must be cognizant of how technology is transforming the world. Otherwise, we will fall behind in the race against machines, as automation and artificial intelligence increasingly replace manual and repetitive jobs in the global economy. Can we afford to let education stay the same?

The Singapore FinEdTech Conference brings together educators, the public sector and technologists to interact and learn about the potential and transformation that digital technologies will bring to education and government. Jointly organised by Fintech Academy, Singapore Fintech Association and Institute of Technical Education, the Singapore FinEdTech Conference 2019 is a must attend for all educators, civil servants and technology players.


  1. To highlight the latest trends and developments in the FinTech landscape and how it will impact the public and education sector.

  2. To share valuable insights and industry perspectives through sharing of case studies by practitioners, and learning journey to innvoation centres and FinTech companies.

  3. To keep our educators and civil servants abreast of latest developments in the industry.

  4. To ignite the passion of educators and civil servants through experiential learning.


Date: 2 days, Nov 5-6, 2019

Time: 9am to 5pm

Venue: M Hotel, Singapore

81 Anson Road

Singapore 079908

Programme Fees: $220 (before GST)


Anyone who is interested in better understanding Fintech and Innovations.


  1. Limited seats available. Registration is based on first-come-first-served basis.

  2. Walk-in registration on the day of workshop is not available.

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