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Be ENRICHED in the workplace with practical skills to enable you to serve your organisation.


Kick start your sales journey with our explosive sales programme. We are excited to ignite changes that matter to you.

Believing in all-roundedness, we ensure that we cover every aspect of sales that you help you come to a breakthrough in your sales journey.


We offer 2 Explosive Sales programmes to cater to your needs.

Sales is one of the most important functions of every organization. Closing a deal is not just about providing discounts but maintaining a good profit margin. According to a survey, 55% of salespersons lack basic sales skills. Many salespersons forget about serving their customer’s needs first and face a lot of rejection. As a salesperson, we not only need to learn how to handle rejection, identify and quality customer profiles, prepare sales pitches and master negotiation techniques.

We aim to Enrich you with invaluable insights on how to increase your sales efficiency using the tested and proven sales principles and techniques. Coached by some of the top industrial practitioners, you will learn the art of closing deals more effectively and how to apply effective sales negotiation skills.

Through this interactive and immersive workshop, we aim to help you breakthrough to the next level in your business development strategy. Using real-life case studies and practical, cogitating hands-on activity, you will learn how to communicate and negotiate with the right methods and mindset.





  1. Understand the fundamentals of the sales and business development process.

  2. Apply sales training techniques and skillsets to gain prospects and drive revenue.

  3. Master communication and persuasion skills needed to successfully close deals.

  4. Learn how to maintain positive relationship with customers and clients..



  1. Introduction

  2. 5 Levels of Business Development

  3. 24 Golden Laws of Sales

  4. Effective Communication and Negotiating Skills


Duration: 1 day, 9pm to 6pm

Programme Fees: $298


Mid-level management, Business Development Managers, Entrepreneurs, Sales Managers and Executives.





  1. Analyze sales successes and failures, and be empowered to the next level.

  2. Learn skills and techniques needed to effectively mind-map and brainstorm to develop sales and marketing strategy.

  3. Develop a successful business development plan.



  1. Understanding Sales Strategy

    • Prospect Management​

    • Cold Calling Technique

  2. Sales Analysis Methodology

  3. Building a Successful Business Development Strategy

  4. Plan and Act for Success


Duration: 1 day, 9pm to 6pm

Programme Fees: $298


Mid-level management, Business Development Managers, Entrepreneurs, Sales Managers and Executives.


"The 5 Levels of Business Development truly helped me to understand sales as a whole and how to be a more holistic salesperson."

This workshop showed me that sales isn't just about strategy and skills but also about having a caring heart. It also showed me that sales isn't that intimidating after all. Would definitely recommend it to everyone!"

“The trainers were very experienced and relatable. The workshop helped me to see how to grow my business through strategizing and planning."

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