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Corporate Transformation starts with every individual experiencing their own breakthrough.


In the corporate space, individual transformation has to take the lead before we see any visible changes on a whole. Our programmes facilitate growth in every individual and help them unlock their potential.

We believe that every organisation is unique. 


That is why, we tailor make training solutions to your corporate needs for better results and a lasting impact.

We customize our programmes to your organisation's unique values and culture and align to your business goals.

The John Maxwell Team

John C. Maxwell is widely regarded as today's leader in leadership development. As an author of 70 books, he is required reading for anyone who wants to become better at leading others. From 2012 to 2017, Global Gurus has named him as the No.1 Leadership Guru in the world.  The American Management Association has ranked him No.1 in its list of the 30 Most Influential Leaders.  Inc. Magazine ranked him No.1 in its list of  Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts.

John Maxwell Team are trained personally by Dr. John C. Maxwell to become trainers, coaches and speakers to deliver his world-class leadership concepts and ideas. EP-Academy is privileged to have our trainers personally trained and certified by Dr. John C. Maxwell.

What makes us different is that we can go beyond “off-the-shelf” solutions. We can incorporate John Maxwell Team content into our leadership curriculum to offer you a customized solution – one that speaks your organization’s language (e.g. values and competencies).  You don’t need to settle for a “standard offering”.  We can also deliver our programs anywhere in the world.



Through mindset transformation, we focus on 5 aspects that we believe is important for the business world.


authentic business

ENABLING organisations to flourish, ensuring employee engagement and alignment through mindset transformation and renewal.

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Leadership development

EMPOWERING you with the principles and qualities designed to guide you to becoming an effective and successful leader.

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personal skills

ENHANCING you to achieve a healthy and successful work-life balance with necessary skills and tactics.

business skill.png

Business Skills

EDUCATING you with the holistic business skillsets needed to better serve and succeed in your organisation.

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Corporate culture

ENGAGING you with the right values and mindset to foster a positive, supportive and successful working environment.


We offer our clients a wide selection of solutions.










You won't find any cookie-cutter programmes here.

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Schedule a consultation

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Share your business needs

Share with our consultants the desired business outcomes or the pain points you would like to address.

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Design a programme

Our team will study your business issues and personalise a programme that addresses your needs.

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Our team will customize and contextualize our training to meet your learners’ needs. 

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Follow up and feedback

You will always be able to reach one of our consultants and we ensure satisfaction of training courses from start to finish.


Authentic Business (AB) represents our consultancy work with businesses and organisations facilitating transformation and renewal. AB workshops and interventions are based on the premise that for an organisation to flourish, an equal emphasis on both performance and health is required. 

Our guiding insight is that organisations do not transform but people do. 

We focus on adaptive challenges where clients are intentionally seeking to change their own assumptions, beliefs, values and behavior in order to achieve authentic and lasting transformation. Although paradigm shifts are complex and challenging to realize, the rewards are increased engagement, resilience, innovation, connectivity, purpose growth an a self-renewing organisation. 

Whilst the occasional workshop and team-building event will be beneficial, our preference is to work systematically with clients until transformational processes are firmly embedded and their impact evidenced. 

Schedule a consultation with us to find out more about how you can bring transformation to your organisation.

Authentic Business


In this ever-changing and dynamic society that we live in, building an organisation filled with people who have a collective vision is one of the most important fuctions of management. Organisations need leaders who are able to navigate through complexity, think strategically and lead the business.

Leadership is not a skill that a manager can learn from a book. It requires experience. 

At EP-Academy, we bring leadership insights and principles to life. We Enhance our participants' leadership skills that they can easily apply in their lives and workplace.

Our Leadership programmes are categorized for different levels of management that will help your managers learn specific skills that will transfer to their working environment.

Our Leadership programmes will cover these areas:

  1. Personal Growth

  2. The Leadership Master Plan

  3. The Leadership Principles

Schedule a consultation with us to find out more about our Corporate Leadership Programmes.



In this day and age, although technology has brought much convenience and improvements to our standards of living, it has brought along more complications too. People are continuously faced with challenges such as uncertain employment landscape, the pressure of increasing workload and responsibilities, work dynamics and cultural differences. All these challenges can greatly disrupt productivity and performance.

By helping employees manage their challenges, it promotes a more harmonious and productive work environment.

At EP-Academy, we bring personal insights and principles to life. We Empower our participants with skills that they can easily apply in their lives and workplace.

Our Personal Skills programmes will cover these areas:

  1. Authentic Lives

  2. Effective Time Management

  3. Healthy Emotion Management

Schedule a consultation with us to find out more about our Corporate Personal Skills Programmes.

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Personal Skill


In this evolving and dynamic world, businesses are confronted with many different challenges such as financial instability, uncontrollable economic and environmental impact and more. As such, organisations need to keep abreast with the latest updates to scale challenges and identify new opportunities.

Employees need to have a solid foundation on the different business fundamentals and learn how to integrate them across job functions to drive better results!

At EP-Academy, we Enrich our participants to excel in business skills that they can easily apply in their lives and workplace.

Our Business Skills programmes will cover these areas:

  1. Explosive Sales Development

  2. Explosive Sales Strategy

  3. The Secret to Digital Marketing - SEO

  4. The Secret to Digital Marketing - SEM

  5. The Secret to Digital Marketing - Social Media Marketing

  6. The Secret to Digital Marketing - Email Marketing

Schedule a consultation with us to find out more about our Corporate Business SKills Programmes.

Business Skills


Culture refers to the values and the attitude of a company. It impacts morale and is the integral driver of the company’s performance.


Corporate culture is deeply rooted in every company process, from HR processes to Financial success and more! Hence, Corporate wellness is more than a HR issue, it’s a top-management issue. In our complexly integrated business world, having a wholesome corporate culture can determine your organisation's sustaining success.

Whilst the occasional workshop and team-building event will be beneficial, we endeavour to work systematically with clients until the transformational process is firmly embedded and their impact evidenced. 


With renewed and transformed mindsets and attitudes, it will create and foster a positive corporate culture that will enable your organisation to excel exceedingly and drive ahead of your competitors

Schedule a consultation with us to find out more about how you can bring transformation to your organisation.

Corporate Culture
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