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EMPOWERING you to achieve a healthy and successful work-life balance with necessary life skills!


Be Empowered with excellent time management that will enable you to achieve a healthy work-life balance. We are excited to ignite changes that matter to you and empowering you to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Many of us are victims to time, we know too well how difficult it is to achieve our goals or complete tasks when we are not managing our time well. Time is always against us but it is the most precious and valuable resource to us. In actual fact, it is not about how much time we have, but how well we manage it.


Effective time management skill is one of the most powerful skills we can have in life. One of the greatest problem that most people face isn’t about how much they can complete in such a demanding society, but how they maintain some balance without feeling too overloaded. We need to be intentional and careful when it comes to managing our time so that we can avoid overwhelming ourselves while trying to reach our fullest potential.

We aim to Empower you through renewing and transforming perspectives, mindsets and attitudes, enabling you to achieve a healthy and successful work-life balance!


Through this interactive and immersive 1-day course, discover the areas obstructing your route to success and how much more you can achieve when you manage your time better. With real-life case studies and practical, cogitating hands-on activity, you will learn the essential time management principles and skills that can guide you to completing and achieving more in life!


  1. Develop lasting organizational skills to manage and produce quality and timely work under high pressuring and time sensitive situations.

  2. Apply effective techniques to overcome inefficient time management and to handle high pressure situations

  3. Develop an action plan to strategically prioritize, plan and execute for maximum efficiency and productivity.

  4. Become more aware of how you spend your time daily, achieve your goals and embark on a self-discovery journey.

  5. Enhance work performance with excellent time management skills.


Duration: 1 day, 9pm to 6pm

Programme Fees: $298


Anyone who is intentional about managing their time and achieving more in life is welcome to attend this workshop. This course will benefit everybody.


  1. Limited seats available. Registration is based on first-come-first-served basis.

  2. Walk-in registration on the day of workshop is not available.

  3. Light refreshments is provided during coffee breaks.


“The strategies taught in the course was very impressive and reasonable to apply. I am more motivated to continue to improve myself and grow even though I am very busy.”

“The workshop got me to reflect on a lot of things I never knew I need to think about! I am very motivated to be more intentional with my growth now!”

“The trainers were very sincere. The workshop structure helped me to really reflect and pen down my thoughts, benefiting from the course a lot more!”

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