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Authentic Business (AB) represents our consultancy work with businesses and organisations facilitating transformation and renewal. AB workshops and interventions are based on the premise that for an organisation to flourish, an equal emphasis on both performance and health is required. 

Our guiding insight is that organisations do not transform but people do. 

We focus on adaptive challenges where clients are intentionally seeking to change their own assumptions, beliefs, values and behavior in order to achieve authentic and lasting transformation. Although paradigm shifts are complex and challenging to realize, the rewards are increased engagement, resilience, innovation, connectivity, purpose growth an a self-renewing organisation. 

Whilst the occasional workshop and team-building event will be beneficial, our preference is to work systematically with clients until transformational processes are firmly embedded and their impact evidenced. 

Schedule a consultation with us to find out more about how you can bring transformation to your organisation.


We deliver our services to clients through a wide range of methods.









Through mindset transformation, we focus on 5 aspects that we believe is important for the business world.

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You won't find any cookie-cutter programmes here.

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Schedule a consultation

Contact us to schedule a chat.

Share needs white.png

Share your business needs

Share with our consultants the desired business outcomes or the pain points you would like to address.

Design white.png

Design a programme

Our team will study your business issues and personalise a programme that addresses your needs.

Training white.png


Our team will customize and contextualize our training to meet your learners’ needs. 

Follow up white.png

Follow up and feedback

You will always be able to reach one of our consultants and we ensure satisfaction of training courses from start to finish.

leadership transparent small.png

Leadership development

EMPOWERING you with the principles and qualities designed to guide you to becoming an effective and successful leader.

Personal transpaent.png

personal skills

ENHANCING you to achieve a healthy and successful work-life balance with necessary skills and tactics.

business skill.png

Business Skills

EDUCATING you with the holistic business skillsets needed to better serve and succeed in your organisation.

Culture Transparent small.png

Corporate culture

ENGAGING you with the right values and mindset to foster a positive, supportive and successful working environment.

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