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ENRICHING you with the holistic business skillsets you need to better serve and succeed in your organisation.


Our business skills programmes are specially-designed to Enrich and equip you to stay relevant and efficient in this ever-changing society. We are excited to ignite changes that matter to you.

In this evolving and dynamic world, businesses are confronted with many different challenges such as financial instability, uncontrollable economic and environmental impact and many more. As such, organisations need to keep abreast with the latest updates to scale challenges and identify new opportunities.


Employees need to have a solid foundation on the different business fundamentals and learn how to integrate them across job functions to drive better results!

At EP-Academy, we Educate and enable our participants to excel in business skills that they can easily apply in their lives and workplace.

Check out our Business Skills Workshops below!


Secret to Digital Marketing - SEO
(Search Engine Optimisation)
Secret to Digital Marketing - EM
(Email Marketing)
Secret to Digital Marketing - SMM
(Social Media Marketing)
Secret to Digital Marketing - SEM
(Search Engine Marketing)

Believing in all-roundedness, we offer 2 categories of Business Skills Workshops to cater to your needs.

Secrets to 
Digital Marketing


“The workshop is awesome and the content is great. We learnt practical ways of applying the laws to improve our leadership.”

“This workshop helped me identify where I am and the areas I need to work on in order to advance in leadership.”

“I have a clearer vision on how to be an influential leader who can lead my team to achieve a greater goal.”

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